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Kandis Twa—My Story

In the end, how I was led to this miracle was just something that I can’t really describe. I think we all experience that ‘something’ at various points in life. Who knows what that ‘something’ is that leads you down a different path, or causes you meet people that will have a profound impact upon your life. I can just say I’m very grateful to that ‘something’ for perfectly intervening in my life.

How Birch Oil Helped the Vikings Conquer the World

Once upon a time the Vikings ruled the world. They were brave, adventuresome and fearless. And they had a secret weapon. Their secret weapon was the birch tree.

6 Signs Your Light Force Energy is Low

Light force energy is a thing, and not just in a Star Wars kind of way. It's an important part of you and affects your 'energy levels' on a day to day basis. 

Your Light Force energy—known to some as your electromagnetic field, or your auric field—is the energy that you use on a daily basis. Here's how it gets used up, leaving you feeling drained and tired, and some simple things can help. 

Busy Bee Honey Cream—The Story

It started, as most great things do, with an experiment. You know, the kind that keeps you up late in your kitchen whipping up all sorts of concoctions? This wasn’t a culinary experiment though, but my first try at making skin cream. 

How Smudge Became Liquid

A friend of mine owns an alternative healing clinic.  One day over lunch she told me that she really needed something to help her practitioners energetically reset their rooms between patients. 

Lots of folks burn sage because it does an amazing job of cleaning and clearing negative energies, but the smell is not universally appealing. We came up with a better solution!

Getting "In Synch" With the Universe—5 Easy Ways to Get in the Flow

Thank God for the Farmer's Almanac! Did you know that they still publish the moon phases and planetary transitions? This information was used traditionally to schedule ideal planting, and harvesting days. The rhythms of our environment are important for plants, but also for our own wellbeing. 

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