Light force energy is a thing, and not just in a Star Wars kind of way. It's an important part of you and affects how much energy you feel you have on a day to day basis. 

Your Light Force energy—known to some as your electromagnetic field, or your auric field—is the energy that you use on a daily basis. It can take a lot of energy to deal with other people, and their thoughts, feelings and actions. In other words it takes a lot of energy to deal with other peoples energy. Here's how it gets used up, leaving you feeling drained and tired, and some simple things can help. 

  1. You get sick. The doctor canʼt figure out why because nothing is showing up in the tests, yet you keep getting sicker and sicker.

  2. You feel tired and “drained”. At the end of each day you are exhausted, no matter what you do you don’t seem to have enough energy for your day.

  3. You canʼt sleep. Even though you are very tired, you just canʼt get a good nights sleep. You keep waking up throughout the night, and when you get up in the morning you don’t feel rested.

  4. You experience mental confusion. Mental confusion is like being in a fog.  For example, you walk into a room and then can’t remember why you went in there. Or you forget what you were saying halfway through saying it.

  5. Your money goes away. You may make plenty of money, but it is gone as soon as it hits your bank account. No matter how much you make, it doesn’t seem like enough. It feels like the money is just slipping through your fingers.

  6. You feel “stuck”. You are unsure about what to do or what decision to make. No matter what you do you feel like you aren’t making any progress. If your Light Force energy is low for long periods of time, depression can set in.


Your Light Force energy is your ability to attract what you want into your life because it builds up your magnetic field. It is the field around you that strengthens your immune system and harmonizes and balances your chakras. It is your ability to heal, to learn and to be present. There are three ways that you can recharge your Light Force Energy:

  1. Sleep, meditate, or shower in a completely dark room. Your body is photosensitive and when you are in complete darkness your body can then absorb what is called cosmic light energy. This energy will replenish your Light Force energy however most of us sleep in rooms with some kind of ambient light. This is distracting to the body and interferes with its absorption of cosmic light. When you shower in a completely dark room the magnetic aspect of water will amplify your bodyʼs absorption of cosmic light.

  2. Spend time near water. Water that is at least four feet wide and five feet deep contains a natural vortex. A vortex is bringing in energy from the cosmos which then radiates out to you. This energy will also replenish your Light Force energy.

  3. Meditation and breathing exercises: Any type of contemplative practice is very effective for rebuilding your light force energy because it connects you back into Divine source. When you take a moment to connect in through breath work, meditation, or mantras your light force energy will fill up.

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