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Did you know that everything is made of energy?

When you create something, that something carries your energy and intentions. For me, this was a really important realization and is why we take special measures to raise our own energy, as well as the energy of the plants that we use to create our products in support of your life's essence. 

The consciousness a person embodies when growing, cultivating, harvesting, and preparing any plant has a massive effect upon the quality, energetic vibration, and potency of that plant.

This is true because all plants, whether they’re small delicate flowers, towering trees, or labelled as invasive weeds are a form of life that deserves to be honoured and revered. Plants that are treated in a way that recognizes and respects the innate life force that exists within them carry greater energetic vibrations, and therefore can offer their profound gifts of balance, harmony and wellbeing to support your life's essence.

We take special care of our preparation areas too.  First, we Reiki everything that’s used. And realizing that plastics lower the vibration of life forms we have a plastic free preparation area, which is why you’ll always find your products delivered in beautiful amber glass. 


We also have a special ingredient! Each day we have a special prayer that we say to start everyone out on the right foot.  To further build the vibration of each ingredient everyone on our amazing team members cultivates a practice of holding the energy of love in their hearts when working with these precious plants. This creates an environment of reverence and gratitude, and we know that you can feel that special ingredient in each product!


Our Philosophy



Do you know how unique you are? In the totality of existence there is only one YOU.Your life's essence is uniquely yours.

Your challenge might be, like me, that you live a busy life, hustling and bustling, and being pulled in many directions by family, friends, and loved ones. It can be easy to fall out of harmony with your unique life's essence. It can be difficult to find the time, means, and space to really reconnect back into that place of renewal. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have some support to tap back into the harmony of life?


Nature is a symphony of perfect harmony and here at Elixirs for Life I travel the world listening the the notes of natures harmony. Each plant has specific note in that symphony and I've been blessed with the wisdom to hear the message of each plants spiritual essence. Each product is a melody, created from these beautiful plants, to bring you back into your harmony and renew your life's essence.


These products are your support—your Elixirs for Life.

Our Process



We use very small and precise amounts of essential oils in our products because these oils are concentrated and very powerful. More is not better. Small amounts go a long way, and help to ensure that the chances of irritating or overwhelming your skin or your beautiful being are minimized. 

All of our products are handcrafted, and of course we never test anything on animals.You can learn about each one on our ingredients page.

Our most popular products often develop from our community of clients. We believe that if something fits into our busy everyday life and we love it then it will fit into yours too. If a product doesn’t make us feel like ‘how did I ever live without this?’ then we don’t put it into production.

I am fanatically dedicated to freshness. This dedication means we create all of our products in small batches with plants that are available and viable. 

It’s true that preservatives extend the shelf-life of products, but they also disrupt the energetics of botanical preparations. That’s why we never put them into any of your products. 

Creating products in the studio is an ongoing process because we’re alway making new and fresh batches of everything. It’s an activity that is very joyful for us, filled with prayers, music, laughter, and a sometimes a bit of dancing. We know that you can feel the love in everything that we do, and you can be assured that it’s added in heaping measure to each and every product for your benefit! 


It takes me a long time to source the botanical plants that become our products. Almost always, that means using more expensive ingredients. I believe that the increased energetics and purity is worth every penny. No corners can be cut when seeking to renew you life's essence. 


Wherever possible I form a personal relationship with the person that grows and harvests our plants. This means I can be absolutely sure of the quality, and care of our plants. I work with an amazing network of wild-crafters around North America that use traditional harvesting practices to make certain that the plants are honoured, and only plants from vital and viable populations are harvested each season. When plants are gathered from more commercial cultivators I use small-scale growers that are committed to organic and sustainable farming practices. 

Some of our most special plants come Sacred Ground Ranch in Montana, where I feel so fortunate to visit and harvest throughout the growing season. It’s such a unique place. Native prairie grasses grow as high as your shoulders in the summer, and rare species like wild American plum grow in the creek draws. Tanah Whitemore is the owner, and she’s the steward of a beautiful herd of buffalo that roam across her 20,000 acres. Her land is loved and continually blessed in ceremony, which means the plants that come from Sacred Ground Ranch have a beautiful and powerful energy.


No matter where our botanical treasures come from, once they arrive in the studio they’re honoured in a ceremony that includes Reiki and special blessings that further raises the energetic vibration and potency of the plants essence. I’m always so excited to receive a new shipment of plants, or when a fresh harvest comes in. The wonderful smells, and all of that bursting potential of the botanicals is fantastic! 

Our Plants





Thank you for visiting! My name is Kandis Twa, and I'm the founder of Elixirs for Life.

I'm a regular person who’s been given an extraordinary gift in life: the realization that every life form, including the plants that grow all around us, have a spirit and a voice. 

My formal education was in health care. I have a masters degree from the Faculty of Rehabilitative Medicine at the University of Alberta, certification in acupuncture, training in traditional herbology, and I’m also a reiki master teacher. 

All of these experiences prepared me perfectly for what I’m doing now, which is listening to plants—who would have guessed! 

I’ve had amazing opportunities to listen to people who have dedicated their lives to the wisdom of plants and the wonders of nature. From these sources I’ve learned about growing, harvesting, processing, and preparing plants; all with the intention of bringing about the purest of information about how these blessed botanicals affect us on emotional and spiritual levels. 

From this foundation, our wonderful product line grew. Each product is infused with love, caring, and wisdom to bring about greater balance, and wholeness to help you in your everyday life. We hope that you love these products as much as we love making them for you! 




Memra is a world-renowned spiritual medium, and founder of Wings Alive. —a leading organization

 offering transformational information about chi, and life force energy. Memra's spent countless hours bringing through the most foundational information for this project. Without her participation we would have otherwise spent a lifetime gathering this information! We are so grateful for her participation!

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I had the privilege of becoming a reiki master under the tutelage of both Memra Yekara and Kandis Twa. I happily use that knowledge in the physical and energetic upkeep of our beautiful office/studio. And I use that mastery (as well as knowledge from decades of baking!) to assist Kandis in manufacturing the products you purchase. Be assured that those products come from a workspace full of love, laughter and gratitude!


After careers in law and business, Jim turned his focus to a quest for understanding who we really are. This led to the formation of his company Pure Leadership Inc., and the publication of his first four books. Jim's quest to understand who we really are dovetails perfectly with Kandis' discoveries of the consciousness of plants. Jim is a major supporter of Kandis' quest for truth.

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