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Mercury in Retrograde WTF

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

You know that mercury in retrograde is totally a thing, but why does it seem to mess with us so much?

When we say 'mercury is retrograde' that means the planet appears to be moving backwards relative to how we see it from earth. It’s not really moving backwards, it’s just an optical illusion that makes it look like mercury is backtracking across the sky. That's great, but why does that have such an affect you and me, so far away?

Well, you’ve heard that your physical body is 70% water. It’s true, but you also know that you are not entirely physical. You are much more than just your physical body, and 70% of the totality of you is light. The light that you are is connected into the greater universe, at all times, and in all ways. So when mercury makes a move you feel it literally within the totality of your being.

Mercury is also not entirely physical, it is mostly energetic, just like you are. And the shifts of mercury can be intense if you are energetically sensitive because you are more likely to have all the feels.

Not sure if you are energetically sensitive? Everyone is to varying degrees, but take a look at your palms. If the lines on your palms form an “M”, you are especially sensitive. Congratulations! If you don’t have ‘M’s”, and the lines on your palms are more parallel, like mine, that means we have a slightly different way of processing energies.

When mercury is retrograde you can feel super ungrounded, anxious, indecisive, impatient, and frustrated. The abrupt change in planetary direction draws you back to review, re-think and reconsider aspects of your life. It’s disorienting and dislodging, and it’s supposed it be (hence the conventional wisdom not to make any major changes or decisions while mercury is retrograde) If it feels like you are going back over old ground, you are. This is super frustrating if you are someone who likes progress, control, and a plan (yes to all of the above for me). We all get used to having energy in our life run in one direction, then suddenly that stops and reverses course. It’s that same feeling of leaving the house, driving halfway to work, remembering you forgot your phone, and driving back to get it. This is mercury retrograde. And it’s actually a good thing.

The change in flow dislodges old stuck emotions, and energies so they can be flushed away when mercury starts moving forwards again. This is the time period when you have the inspiration to change the way you’ve always done something in your life—eventhough its not really working—or suddenly begin to question your decisions, or beliefs from a new perspective. All of that can bring about a huge amount of good in your life, but I hear you, it can also be can be a massive sucky challenge. Then when you consider that it’s not just you that’s going through this re-examination; it’s EVERYONE in collective consciousness, going through the exact same thing...this just got real.

To get through mercury retrograde without losing your s***, you need to get yourself grounded. Seriously, you need to be in your body, and wrapped up in your own energy, otherwise you're going to be way too connected into the turbulence of collective consciousness, which gets cray cray during mercury in retrograde. Yoga, qi gong, meditation, breathing exercises, just make it happen. Also, spending time around water is super helpful, or even just having a bath will help get you rebablanced. Any of the tips from this post are also super helpful. Do not turn on CNN. That ain’t gonna help nobody.

To help you understand what's going on in the universe, check out the following links. They are my favourite resources written by some lovely people who are super tuned in.

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