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10ml Roll On Bottle 


Why it’s so special: If life had a pause button this would be it! Get grounded, clear and find some space so that you can be all of who you are meant to be.


What’s in it:

Tobacco blossom—strengthens and revives the movement of energy within the body

White Chamomile—restores and reinforces peace within

Lavender—alleviates burdens

Apricot Blossom—filters false narratives and negative messaging

Blepharis—a wayfinder, highlighting the beauty and grace in everyday life



Custom Elixir Formula #16


Your custom elixir is packaged in an amber glass roll-on bottle with an organic jojoba oil base. Simply roll your formula onto the pulse points of your wrists, sides of your neck and over your heart area, or on the bottom of your feet before going to bed. 

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