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10mL Roll-On Bottle


Why it’s so special: Yes to more happy moments that feel like champagne bubbles! This formula warms the heart, and fills you with love so that even when life gets messy you can come back to your strength and relax into brighter days ahead.


What's in it:

Andrographis—warms the heart and sustains higher emotions

Cinnamon—live with more ease, more grace, and more goodness!

Bergamot—reassurance and guidance on your highest path

Sweet orange—work with and integrate the power of love

Bulgarian Rose— connect into the highest of who you really are




Custom Elixir Formula #18

Temporarily out of stock

Your custom elixir is packaged in an amber glass roll-on bottle with an organic jojoba oil base. Simply roll your formula onto the pulse points of your wrists, sides of your neck and over your heart area, or on the bottom of your feet before going to bed. 

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