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10mL Roll-On Bottle


Why it’s so special: A green juice cleanse for energetic field, this formula gathers up all of your good, removes old negative vibes, and grounds you into the precious present moment so you can live from the highest of who you really are. 


What's in it:

Asphodel—gently arrive in the present moment

Cardamom—elevate and filter positive energies

Lavender—alleviate burdens

Lemon—welcome greater courage and motivation 

Bulgarian Rose—connect into the highest of who you really are

Frankincense—activate peacefulness and confidence


Custom Elixir Formula #19

Temporarily out of stock

Your custom elixir is packaged in an amber glass roll-on bottle with an organic jojoba oil base. Simply roll your formula onto the pulse points of your wrists, sides of your neck and over your heart area, or on the bottom of your feet before going to bed. 

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