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15 mL roll-on bottle of gromwell wildflower oil.


Gromwell is for the empire builder! The spiritual properties of this prairie wildflower assists those that are seeking to build a business, community, or project that is based in the highest levels of integrity and greatest good for all. It helps to build your natural talents, abilities and inspirations so that you can bring forth the greatest of your gifts. By tapping into your soul communication, the spiritual properties of gromwell encourage you make yourself ready to live a big life, and to dissolve resistance and fear that would cause you to shy away from living your dreams.


Apply daily to the bottom of your feet and centre of the chest.


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Gromwell Wildflower Elixir

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Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Wildcrafted Gromwell leaf and flower (Lithospermum ruderale)

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