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Giving Back

"Small acts when multiplied millions of time can transform the world" 
Your purchase and support of our self-care and collaboration products automatically supports some wonderful local charities. Thank you!
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Proceeds Donation Program

Our community is important to us, and that's why we support local groups that are doing amazing work to make our world even better! We love supporting Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) who work to rescue abandoned, abused and surrendered animals in rural areas. These folks provide care and rehabilitation to these animals so they can be adopted into a forever home. Our own dog Abby came to us through one of these rescue organizations and we are grateful to them for all they do!

Your Purchase Automatically Creates a Donation!

When you make a purchase of Elixir for Life products we'll automatically buy much needed dog food and other supplies on your behalf and donate them directly to the AARCS safe haven shelter in Calgary. Thank you for your purchase and for being a part of giving back to our community!!


Collaboration & Donation Program

Sacred Ground International, near Billings Montana, and run by Tanah Whitemore is an organization designed to inspire, inform and demonstrate the sacredness of all life. We are honoured to harvest plants together with Tanah and every year we create a special product called Sacred Vision. The proceeds from this product are donated back to Sacred Ground International. Read more about our time with Tanah!

Collaboration Products

When you make a purchase of Sacred Vision, a Special Edition Elixir spray we get to share the plants and special vibes of Sacred Ground Ranch with you. The proceeds from your purchase go directly back to Tanah's non-profit organization allowing her to continue her mission of reminding us of the honour, respect and enjoyment surrounding the privilege of hunting through the adaptation of Native traditions. Thank you for your support!

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