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Our lovely Busy Bee Honey Cream has been reformulated! The natural healing elements from the hive are the basic ingredients that are regenerative and healing to our skin - the benefits of royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen go back to ancient Egypt. Our plant extractions have been specifically selected to balance you inot neutrality, help you remembver who you really are, and connect to your higher self. This beautiful Honey Cream is now available is an adorable 15 mL travel size/sample jar! A great option if you're considering purchasing a larger jar. 


“This is the best my skin has ever looked and felt despite the hundreds of other skin care products I’ve used!”


Full of collagen promoting royal jelly, this facial rejuvenating cream is lovingly formulated with Cleopatra’s secret oil for youthful and vibrant skin. This serum is made from pure ingredients, essential oils, and bee products from our local own hives.

Busy Bee Honey Facial Rejuvenating Cream


honey*, beeswax*, aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) extract*, royal jelly, jojoba (Simmondsia chinesensis) oil*, blend of essential oils*, love, reiki

*certified organic ingredient

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