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Plant Ingredients

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Every plant has a voice. This is their spiritual message.

Your spirit understands this message because like recognizes like.

And in this way plants become medicine for the soul.



Ajwan (Trachysermum ammi) essential oil​

Traditionally used for intuition and clarity. Spiritually aswan open your intuition to Divine clarity, to bring about detailed information and visions of that information. Over time it contributes to a sense of calmness, and a wonderful sense of reassurance. 

Featured in: Clear Connection: Here & Now #3 Sacred Room Spray for Intuitive Clarity


Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) extract

Believed to be a powerful healer by traditional medicine men and women, spiritually aloe vera is an amazing plant for reconnecting your body back to harmony and balance. It offers the spiritual vibration and frequency that says, “You’re ok now, you can let go”. This messaging makes it a wonderful cleanser and clearer. Our pure extract comes from a special distillate of the leaves, which means that cells of the skin can assimilate it much quicker and more completely. 

Featured in: Busy Bee Honey Cream


I remember travelling in Tibet and seeing great chunks of amber in the market. Now I understand why it is so revered. Amber spiritually carries the vibration of love to lift you up. No big deal! 

I’m talking about the power of love, which is different than affectionate love. Love is a power that can bring you into harmony and balance, to soften resistance and dissolve fear. Love is the ever renewing source, and the remembrance that you are creation, moment by moment. You are not created and then become static. You are ever-flowing, ever-renewing, and ever-increasing in your life. The intoxicating scent of amber reminds you of this eternal beauty about yourself. 

Featured in: Great Awakening Candle


Anise Seed (Pimpinella anisum) essential oil

Considered by many to be a seed of purification for the mind and body, the spiritual frequency carries the message allowing the body to assimilate itself into higher vibrational levels of clarity, emotional patience, quiet, ultimately opening to greater understanding of life. 

Featured in: Soulful Smile: Here and Now #4 for Emotional Clarity


Asphodel (Asphodelus albus) extract

Native to the meadows and heathlands of the Mediterranean, the pure extracts of organic asphodel form the foundational energy of the Here and Now series of room sprays. Fields of these beautiful flowers were believed to have grown in the mythical Elysian Fields. These fields were the revered realm of ancient Greek mythology where heroes, who had made their transition from life, would continue to exist in peace and happiness.

Spiritually, asphodel is a wonderful for grounding, and centring—bringing you into the here and now of your life. 

Featured in: Here & Now Room Sprays


Did you know that beeswax is an amazing natural preservative? We use it to  beautifully stabilize  emulsions (the stuff that keeps your cream from separating), rather than synthetic substitutes. Our beeswax comes from the hard work of beekeeper Gillian Lockwood, owner of Halo Honey. Gillian and I  spent a of time perfecting the purification method of her beeswax (which comes from the caps of the honeycomb, and nothing else). I’m super proud to be using it in our elixirs. The spiritual properties of beeswax are about encouraging industriousness and collaborative work. There’s not greater example of collaboration than a colony of bees. Collaboration is about working together in a way that allows you to listen, understand, and offer information that really works for everyone in a symbiotic way. Time to feel alive, and get busy like a bee!

Featured in: Busy Bee Honey Cream


Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) essential oil

Pressed from the rind of this special citrus fruit, bergamot is spiritually the oil of ‘rightful place’. It is a spiritual reminder that you are the one and only authority in your life. It reminds you of, and empowers you to, your free will. Spiritually it can enhance your discernment, your intuition, and your instincts. One of my absolute favourite essential oils, bergamot has been used for centuries throughout various traditions of medicine for its calming, balancing, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Featured in: Calm Invincibility Salt Scrub, Calm Invincibility Sugar Scrub


Birch (Betula lenta) essential oil

Distilled into an essential oil from the leaves and wood of the delicate and determined silver birch. The spiritual energetic message of this amazing tree is, “You are safe under all circumstances. There’s nothing in life to be afraid of because you are Divinely supported in all moments, and in all experiences”. Traditionally used for muscle aches and strains, and commonly throughout Scandinavia in saunas. Birch has important anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties similar to cortisone*. Its fragrance is sweet, crisp, and slightly minty. Did you know that the vikings used plenty of birch oil? Learn more 

Featured in: Calm Invincibility Salt Scrub, Calm Invincibility Sugar Scrub

*Young, D. G., Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide 2003 Life Science Publishing p. 76


Sometimes you’ll see a statement on our ingredient list ‘blend of essential oils’. In these cases, we don’t list all of the individual oils in each essential oil blend because we spend a lot of time and resources coming up with our blends, and it’s important to us to keep them special. However, if you have any sensitivities or questions about a particular oil, please feel free to email us. You can be assured thought that all of our essential oil blends are 100% pure and certified organic.


Bulgarian geranium (Geranium macrorrhizum) essential oil

Pure essential oil of Bulgarian geranium, is used spiritually for its exceptional abilities to fortify your mental clarity, strengthen your discernment and increase your Divine connection to Divine truth. The Russian royal family was said to use this particular flower in the blends of their tea in order to feel calm and clear. 

Featured in: Master Mind Here & Now #1 Room Spray for Mental Clarity


Clementine orange (Citrus × clementina) essential oil

Orange is very cleansing to your being. When used in meditation it’s amazing how much it can change your perspective, and your ideas about your life. Spiritually it opens your creativity and allows you to flow even better with your life. The essential oil that we use is derived from the skin of the clementine orange in a cold pressing extraction method. It’s such a beautiful pick-me-up! 

Featured in: Communal Comfort Candle


Coconut (Cocos nucifera) oil

Creamy, heavenly, decadent coconut—oh how I love thee. Our coconut oil is certified organic, and is cold -pressed from virgin unrefined coconuts. Coconut is so popular because spiritually it energetically seats what’s called the ‘blueprints of the body’, back into the body—it’s like a reset of the molecules. The blueprints of your body is the original set of Divine information that your body is created from. It goes beyond your DNA and allows everything to come up to the highest quality, and highest vibration of your original creation. 

Featured in: Calm Invincibility Salt Scrub, Calm Invincibility Sugar Scrub, Peaceful Forest Salt Scrub, Peaceful Forest Sugar Scrub


Coconut (Cocos nucifera) sugar

Coconut sugar has a pH balance that’s more neutral than dead sea salts. This means it’s better suited for your skin in the colder months of the year when you perspire less. Coconut sugar is created from the sap of coconut palm. This wonderful sugar makes a luxuriant and lightly fragrant exfoliant to polish your skin. 

Featured in: Calm Invincibility Sugar Scrub, Peaceful Forest Sugar Scrub


Full of minerals that can assist to detoxify and cleanse the body, our 100% pure, fine Dead Sea salt provides a beautiful exfoliant for your skin. 

Featured in: Calm Invincibility Salt Scrub, Peaceful Forest Salt Scrub


Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus citriodora) essential oil

The spiritual properties of eucalyptus allows you to have a better understanding of what people want. What are they trying to say? What do they mean by that? It builds the ability for understanding subconscious communication within yourself, and within other people. Our oil is 100% organic, and steam distilled from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. 

Featured in: Communal Comfort Candle


Frankincense salai (Boswellia serrata) essential oil

Traditionally used as one of the holy anointing oils for kings and queens, you can find references for frankincense being used as a treatment for almost every illness you can think of. Our essential oil comes from steam distillation of various species of the Boswellia genus. While each genus has a slightly different spiritual message, it’s truly a supreme oil. Spiritually frankincense creates a very tight matrix of light around you so that you can’t take in the pain of the world. This enables you to be calm, centred, and grounded at all times, so you can open up to Divine communication, Divine opportunities, and see the miracles in your life.

Featured in: Calm Invincibility Salt Scrub, Calm Invincibility Sugar Scrub, Great Awakening Candle, Delight of Life Candle


Our glycerin is made exclusively from coconut palms. It’s GMO-free, VegeCert certified vegan, and organic. 

Featured in: Here and Now Room Sprays


Golden champa (Michelia champaca) essential oil

This is such a beautiful blossom! Used reverently and abundantly in India, it has the most gorgeous intoxicating aroma. Spiritually it eases times of life that are full of transitions and change. No wonder it’s used in wedding ceremonies! 

Featured in: Future Flow Candle


Greenheart wood (Chlorocardium rodiei) essential oil

Greenheart wood is a remarkable hardwood with a beautiful resinous and fresh scent.  On a spiritual level, greenheart wood begins as a comforting warmth for the emotional body to bring forth feelings of comfort and safety. The feeling of this oil is like a big warm bear hug. 

Featured in: ONE Bath Soap


Honey is important for many reasons, but it's most precious because it comes from another life form—made by the alchemical magic of bees that transform the nectar of flowers. Our honey comes from Halo Honey, a business run by Gillian Lockwood. Gillian keeps her bees on family property near Priddis, Alberta. Her honey is raw, which maintains all of the enzymatic properties, and naturally contains local pollen and wonderful bits of propolis. Our bees get a lot of love, and special treatments of reiki everyday. Honey is full of anti-oxidants, and is super-moisturizing and soothing. It makes a wonderful treat for every inch of your skin. 

Featured in: Busy Bee Honey CreamCalm Invincibility Salt Scrub, Calm Invincibility Sugar Scrub, Peaceful Forest Salt Scrub, Peaceful Forest Sugar Scrub


Immortelle (Helichyrusm odoratissimum) essential oil

Also called Everlasting, these names of this lovely herb say it all! Spiritually, immortelle enables perseverance by generating peacefulness and feelings of safety. Steam-distilled from wild harvested plants in South Africa, the beautiful and lightly fragrant immortelle can be super soothing to your thoughts, emotions and spirit; assisting you to wipe away all stress! 

Featured in: Peaceful Forest Salt Scrub, Peaceful Forest Sugar Scrub


Jasmine (Jaminum officinale) absolute oil 

Jasmine oil is steeped in history, lore and fame for its unique and intoxicating aroma. Spiritually it has countless benefits to the mind, emotions, and spirit for its unique ability to expand consciousness, and connection to your own spirit. 

Featured in: Liquid Smudge Here & Now Room Spray #2 for Energetic Clearing


Jojoba (Simmondsia chinesensis) oil

Pressed from the seed of the beautiful Jojoba plant, this lovely shrub grows throughout the southwestern United States. Jojoba’s lovely oil is called the golden fluid of the spirit. It makes a beautiful base for many of our products because it’s like a liquid wax, which means it’s very stable for a very long time. That stability is very important because it means that the oil doesn’t spoil or become rancid. On a spiritual level, jojoba is a great translator of the higher realms into your consciousness, making it an excellent carrier oil for the messages that are being given from the other botanicals we combine with it. Our jojoba is certified organic, cold-pressed and unrefined. 

Featured in: Busy Bee Honey Cream, Calm Invincibility Salt Scrub, Peaceful Forest Salt Scrub, Calm Invincibility Sugar Scrub, Peaceful Forest Sugar Scrub


Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) essential oil

Steam-distilled from organically grown lavender blossoms, lavender is one of the most commonly used oils in aromatherapy for positivity and upliftment. Spiritually, the subtle energies of lavender are about bringing forth the truth of your own light. This breaks through the barriers of being burdened down by life. 

Featured in: One Bath Soap, Liquid Smudge Here & Now #2 Room Spray for Energetic Clearing


Lemon (Citrus x lemon) essential oil

Essential oil of lemon is obtained from cold-pressing the rind of the fruit. Our organic oil comes from organic groves in Italy. Lemon spiritually supports courage on all levels. It takes courage to know who you are and to step forth into the light of your being. When you stand in your light, there are no limitations in your life.

Featured in: Liquid Smudge Here and Now #2 Room Spray for Energetic Clearing


Neroli (Citrus aurantium) essential oil

Neroli is an essential oil distilled from orange blossoms. Ours comes from organic groves of the bitter orange tree in Egypt. On an spiritual level, neroli is precious because it sings to the song of your soul. It gives the message that you’re alive and here “on purpose”. Your existence is not a mistake. It reminds your emotional body that your thoughts and feelings are important. 

Featured in: Soulful Smile Here & Now #4 Room Spray for Emotional Clarity


Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) essential oil

Nutmeg is very grounding. That means it gathers up your energy over space and time. It roots the light of your soul into your body, which means there is no room for anything else. In Malaysia nutmeg was given to people believed to be possessed by spirits to drive them out *.  Nutmeg strengthens your emotions to make it easier to create personal boundaries. Our nutmeg essential oil is steam distilled from the fruit and nut of the tree. It is 100% organic. 

Featured in: Happy Communion Candle

* Worwood, V. A. Aromatherapy for the Soul p.260


Opoponax (Commiphora spp.) essential oil

The spiritual path can be full of challenges. Opopanax (also called sweet myrrh) helps with the transitions along that path for those that are determined to reach the greatest of their authentic self. This beautiful tree is part of the frankincense family and has a similar aroma that’s deep and tranquil. The resin is steam distilled to create our 100% organic essential oil. 

Featured in: Great Awakening Candle


Orris Root (Iris germanica) absolute oil

This is root of the regal iris flower. The root is the part that is traditionally used in perfumery, but spiritually its function is to protect your energy field from anyone that would want to drain it. Extracted into an absolute—a concentrated aromatic compound—we add precise amounts of this precious botanical into our products for your protection and aromatic pleasure. 

Featured in: Happy Communion Candle


Papaya (Carica papaya) seed oil

This beautiful oil is so special. Spiritually it allows you to find the natural harmony of your true self on every level. It’s super soothing to disrupted emotions, so we love papaya seed oil as support for anyone experiencing stress. The oil is pressed from the seeds of organic fruit, made in small batches to ensure freshness and vitality of the oil. 

Featured in: One Bath Soap 


Royal Jelly is a milky, slightly sticky, substance made by bees. Bees use this jelly in their hives as food for the queen bee. It is the natural source of hylaronic acid. Hylaronic acid is well known in the world of cosmetics because it promotes collagen production. But not all hylaronic acid is created equally. Collagen is the stuff that gives your skin that lovely youthful texture that we all love. You skin is always synthesizing procollagen (the precursor to collagen) in the epidermis, but it won’t turn into collagen unless it receives the right signal. Hylaronic acid is that signal. 

Featured in: Busy Bee Honey Cream


Reiki isn’t a physical ingredient, but it is an important aspect of all of the products we make. Reiki is a spiritual practice of channelling God, which is referred to as life force energy or the intelligent field of all and guided by spiritual consciousness. Reiki brings in harmony and balance, and raises life force energy. We use this spiritual practice to bless and raise the energetic vibrations of all of our products, and ingredients. I received my Master level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certification in 2012 from Memra Yekara who received her training from the masters in the original lineage of the practice.

Featured in: ALL EFL products!


Silver fir (Abies alba) essential oil

Spiritually supportive of clear communication, Silver fir allows you to say what you mean with dignity and frankness. It can help you to remain emotionally neutral, which means that you aren’t getting caught up in the drama and trauma of the world around you. It spiritually builds you back into the natural qualities of graciousness and humility. Our essential oil is steam distilled from the sustainably harvested branches of this majestic tree. It is 100% organic.

Featured in: Communal Comfort Candle


Southern bush honeysuckle (Diervilla sessilifolia) essential oil

The energy centres of the heart, third eye and solar plexus chakras benefit from this supremely balancing oil. Each of these chakras are unique energetic scanners that allow you to scan your environment, opportunities, and other people. They are connected into your intuition or knowingness. The Southern Bush honeysuckle is spiritually supportive to these abilities and energy centres. Our essential oil comes from the steam distillation of the blossoms, and has a lightly sweet fragrance. It is 100% organic. 

Featured in: Future Flow Candle


Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra) essential oil

Distilled into an essential oil from the needles of the proud and distinguished Swiss Stone Pine the spiritual message of this amazing tree is for you to gently let go of mental stress and relieve anxiety.  Pine has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for its deep benefits to the lungs—helping you to take a deep breath and remember: It’s all going to be ok.

Featured in: One Bath Soap


Tobacco Blossom (Nicotiana attenuate) essential oil

The blossom of the wild  growing tobacco plant spiritually allow you to connect into the pure stream of excitement, relaxation, and openness. It contains the vibrations of the joy of God. I wild-harvest the tobacco that we use in our products, along with my dog (she’s an important companion on those journeys), and it's a great joy indeed to be able to gather these beautiful blossoms!

Featured in: Delight of Life Candle


Pure, clear spring water from a spring in the mountains of Western Canada—simple, but very important.

Featured in: Here & Now Sacred Room Sprays

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