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How We Harvest Makes All the Difference—Wild-Crafted, Sustainable and Harvested with Love

Updated: May 30

t takes a long time to source the botanical plants that become our products because we are after plants that organic of course, but also energetically powerful.

Personal relationships with the people that grow and harvests our plants is vital so we can be absolutely sure of the quality, and care of our plants.

Remember, everything is energy and the consciousness a person embodies when growing, cultivating, harvesting, and preparing any plant has a massive effect upon the quality, energetic vibration, and potency of that plant.

All plants, whether they're small delicate flowers, towering trees, or labelled as invasive weeds are a form of life that deserves honour and respect. Plants that are treated in a way that recognizes and respects the innate life force that exists within them carry greater energetic vibrations, and therefore can offer their profound gifts of balance, harmony and wellbeing to support your life's essence.

We work with an amazing network of wild-crafters around North America that use traditional harvesting practices to make certain that the plants are honoured, and only plants from vital and viable populations are harvested each season. When plants are gathered from more commercial cultivators we use small-scale growers that are committed to organic and sustainable farming practices.

Some of our most special plants come from Sacred Ground Ranch in Montana, where I feel so fortunate to visit and harvest plants throughout the growing season. It’s such a unique place. Native prairie grasses grow as high as your shoulders in the summer, and rare species like wild American plum grow in the creek draws. Tanah Whitemore is the owner, and she’s the steward of a beautiful herd of buffalo that roam across thousands of pristine acres. Her land is loved and continually blessed in ceremony, which means the plants that come from Sacred Ground Ranch have a beautiful and powerful energy.

No matter where our botanical treasures come from, once they arrive in the studio they’re honoured in a ceremony that includes Reiki and special blessings that further raises the energetic vibration and potency of the plants essence. I’m always so excited when a fresh harvest comes in. The wonderful smells, and all of that bursting potential of the botanicals is fantastic!

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