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The Spiritual Properties of Cannabis—The Great Trickster

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

When people learn that I study plants for a living they most often ask, "What do you think about cannabis?" It's a timely topic, with legalization occurring in Canada, lots of people are understandably curious what the spiritual and energetic effects of cannabis are.

Over the course of my research for Elixirs for Life I looked at over 1600 plants, and cannabis was certainly one of them. For each plant, flower, or herb I examined included a review of empirical research, ancient herbal compendiums, and readings from herbology and phytochemical experts, but the most soul-filling source of information came from my time with Memra Yekara.

Memra is a world-renowned spiritual medium, and founder of Wings Alive —a leading organization offering transformational information about chi, and life force energy. Our discussion about the spiritual and energetic aspects of cannabis was fascinating, and I wanted to share that discussion with you.

But before I do, I need to stress to everyone reading this that there is plenty of discussion and information about cannabis for medical use elsewhere. I am not an expert in that arena, and I do not intend this discussion to offer any advice or information pertaining to the therapeutic use of cannabis or CBD oils. Those are discussions to be had with your qualified medical professional. I am simply sharing a discussion that is expressing a point of view from an individual whose opinion I value.

My intention for sharing our discussion is to offer this information as a way of sharing what I have learned, and as a response to those of you who've asked the about the spiritual and energetic properties of cannabis. It was one of my favourite discussions as I researched cannabis, and I found the information to resonate with me on a very deep level. Here we go!

KT: Recently there's lots of discussion about cannabis oil and people feel that it is very healing. Is that accurate?

AAH: Cannabis oil. Yes, initially, but it is the great fooler. The reason why, on an energetic level, when you are looking at it, the body takes in the oil and adapts it for its usage, but the major portion of what’s leftover the body can’t use it. So, the body assesses the cannabis, and initially on an energetic level it feels, “Oh, I can use this. This is good, I can turn this into something that is useful”. But the misunderstanding is that cannabis is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It comes in very harmless, but ultimately what it does is very toxic. It's a toxin, and it's a high toxin.

KT: Can you say more about what's occurring on an energetic level with cannabis?

AAH: It's called peak value. When cannabis enters into the body, it's vibrating at it's peak value. After it's been consumed the body must actually use its own life force energy to raise and adapt the cannabis to whatever it needs. Therefore the body reports back that it's feeling better, and that there has been some healing that has happened, but at the same time it is also taking in the high toxin, which is why new conditions begin to emerge that don’t appear connected to the cannabis oil.

KT: So, the body may start to initially feel better, but it is going to develop other conditions as a result of taking the oil?

AAH: That’s right because it overwhelms the body so fast that it begins to go backwards. Vibrationally when you look at it comes up to a vibration that is very good. Anything from 42-67 MHz level is going to be relatively good for the body, but the problem is that it drops from about 43 MHz after being consumed, down to about 20-21MHz. That is a very, very low vibration. That's the vibration of an individual who is dying. Life force energy is leaving your body, not being built. Ultimately the energetic effect of cannabis is that it pushes life force energy out of the body, and it reduces the chi energy.

KT: So, even though it comes in with a relatively high vibration, it very quickly drops off.

AAH: That’s right. After initial contact with it, it can take a little bit over 30 days for the vibrations to begin to reduce.

KT: So when people take cannabis oil, and they claim they have these experiences of healing some type of serious condition, what’s really happening there?

AAH: It is a placebo effect because the mind can override anything. They are saying, “If you take this the cancer will go away”. They then set up into their mind, and into their body a placebo effect. It actually isn’t healing anything, and in fact it is creating greater damage in another area of their body, so the cancer may be gone, but now the liver has now been damaged. Again, it is a placebo effect. For example, if I tell you if you, "Eat this sugar candy and it'll cure your cancer because we have had hundreds of people that have taken this, and just one peppermint candies will cure your cancer 100% —it will all go away permanently". If I give you a good enough selling job, then the cancer will be gone because the desire to live is so great that the body overrides the substance and adapts it into what it wants it be.

In fact, doctors have watched the power of the mind to accept a placebo to an even greater extent than their medication, and they don’t understand that. It occurs because of everything happening in the totality of your being and the will to live. If a person doesn't have the will to live then a placebo will not affect them. If a person has a great desire to live then they'll create a placebo effect through their beliefs, which is why it works.

Most medication that's on the market today doesn’t really work on the level of physical body, which is why they create an enormous amount of side-effects. The reason they are effective is because the doctor says, "Here, take this it will work", and the person believes the doctor, believes that the medicine will work, sets up a placebo effect, and therefore the medication works. But, if the person doubts the doctor, and doubts the medication, it's not effective.

KT: Cannabis is popular method for pain relief. What is happening in that scenario?

AAH: Many people report that when they take marijuana their pain goes away. This happens because it's absolutely killing all of their nerve endings. The nerve endings are dead, so they can’t feel anything anymore. It doesn’t mean that they pain has gone away, they just can’t feel anything. Now, eventually the surfaces of those nerve ending will heal themselves once the person has stopped taking marijuana, but now the pain comes back again, and sometimes it's even greater because they didn’t do anything to heal the body from the pain. They just stopped the body from feeling.

KT: So it's just symptomatic relief?

AAH: Yes, that is all it is really. It was never a healer at all, and it was never meant to be a healer. It was never meant to be. Yes, they have understood that cannabis at a certain level can reduce an enormous amount of pain in the body. Well, here is the reason why the body doesn’t feel it anymore because it has lessened its life force energy.

KT: Wow

AAH: That is the reason why, it is literally killing the body. Now, the studies won’t show it because they aren’t looking for it. They are not looking for a vibrational level that ends up becoming physically manifested—but it starts on a vibrational level. I will tell you this: if they were to do a study on the people that are taking marijuana over the years to reduce pain, and examined how many of them actually came out of the pain; or just numbed the pain, and how many people died, or ended up with an entirely different disease that killed them; then they would understand what this plant does.

KT: The body just gets totally overwhelmed?

AAH: That’s right because you can’t maintain your life force energy. If you can’t maintain your life force energy then you are going to die. It is very deadly to the body in a sneaky way because it builds up and as it builds up it becomes deadlier and deadlier.

KT: There's such a misconception about this. Is there any part of the cannabis plant that can be used for beneficial purposes?

AAH: No. You see the reason that cannabis exists is to be a poison. It is a destroyer, it is not a builder. There are certain plants that are made as destroyers. It is sort of like the animal kingdom; you’ve got predators don’t you? Well, cannabis is a predator plant. Anything that is going to produce high toxins is a predator plant. The purpose of a predator plant is to keep things under control, and diminish them. That is why cannabis controls pain because it’s job is to lessen life force energy.

KT: This is amazing information because I had no idea how toxic it is.

AAH: Most people don’t know about this trickster, and it is a trickster. Your life force energy goes down, then you don’t have the ability to fight off disease, and everything becomes degraded.

You can see it in peoples faces can’t you? People that are smoking it, ingesting it in some candy and things like that, they look grey. It starts around the mouth, and then it goes around all of the skin, and they smell dusty—as though they have been in a great desert sandstorm, and the dust is coming off of them. That is the dust of death. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes? They are already reducing their life force energy. When you smell that dust. Their vibrational level is already going down.

KT: Yes, I know what you're talking about, it is like an ashy smell.

AAH: Yes, Have you ever gone somewhere that someone has dug a very deep hole, and there is the smell of deep fresh dirt? Like a grave? That is what it smells like. Well it is the smell that the soul gives off to say, “You’ve got to stop doing this because I can’t hold onto the body”. Then what they get on top of it is even more horrendous because they get a ketone smell on top of the graveyard smell. It emanates from the body, so they can’t wash it off.

KT: What are the spiritual properties of cannabis?

AAH: Cannabis was put on this planet as a "teacher in reverse". It teaches you the lesson of not using your discernment. That is why it so negatively impacts the body is because you are not honouring and respecting yourself when you consume toxins.

A long time ago when the energies of the Earth were not as high as they are now, people sought after these types of things: mushrooms, local weed, ayahuasca, marijuana, coca leaves, and all of these types of plants because that was the only way that they could have a higher experience spiritually, but it was still very damaging to the body. You are not going to ever find anyone in all of history, no matter how wise they became, that had an extremely long life as a result of these things. It didn’t happen. You would never have an ascended master, ever, that was partaking in these things. It was not done.

KT: So when the vibration of the planet was lower people would somehow take these things, and have this momentary increase in vibration, but the price they paid for it was very devastating?

AAH: No, the reason why is because their soul left their body, and so they were starting to feel the other side. Their vibrations didn’t raise at all. They didn’t know how to have a higher experience, so they put these high toxins in their system so they could have greater experience, but the reason why they did wasn’t because they were raising vibration, but because their soul was beginning to leave their body.

KT: I found a fascinating reference to cannabis in a rare herbal book written for apothecaries in the 1400's. They write not give it to anyone under any circumstances because of the damage that it does. I find it fascinating that information has been documented for so long.

AAH: Isn’t that interesting? It is true. Individuals are listening to information without discernment enough to really research this and to listen to their body. Does my body want this? It will say, “No, I don’t want that”, but they think, “Well, I am going to give it to you anyways”. Ok, but now you are dishonouring your body. I want to talk about these things to help people understand the power of discernment, and talking to their body. It is so important to develop that relationship with their body to ask, “Body, to you want this food? Do you want this vegetable? Do you want this protein?” Rather than saying, “Well, I think I am going to become a vegetarian, or a breatharian, or whatever it is even though the body says, “I don’t want that. That is not what makes me function the best.” This body communication is always available. When you ask, it is the first thought you have, the body will put the answer in your head as the first thought; that's its communication. It's always available to you.

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