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The Ultimate in Self-Care—Elixirs that Support You Being You

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Did you know that in all of existence there is only one you? What are the chances that on a planet of seven billion people and an infinite universe that you’re here, right now with the opportunity to be YOU?

The fact that you’re alive in this moment matters—it matters a great deal and your precious existence on this Earth is not by accident or without consequence. The opportunity to be YOU is a miracle!

But, it can still be a challenge to be you sometimes, right?! Life is busy. How do you get everything done, be all that is required, honour your commitments and responsibilities and still feel wholly and completely like yourself?! In order to feel like yourself in everything that you do, and with everyone that you’re with, you need to nurture your whole and complete self because you’re so much more than just a physical body!

You are made up of thoughts, feelings, emotions and most importantly your soul. All aspects of you deserve love, honour and support for everything you do in life—through the mundane and the monumental because all of it is important, because YOU are important.

EFL serves to nurture, honour, and acknowledge the deeper parts of yourself so you can feel like you are living from, and as your whole ‘holy’ self.

Going on retreats, spending time in nature, going on holidays, learning how to meditate, spending time with dear friends and family are all amazing, and SO important to taking care of your whole self, but let’s be honest it can be difficult sometimes. Time is tight, money might be tight, or maybe your family doesn’t get along. Still there are solutions.

We provide solutions that are easy to use every day, that are designed to support you to be, live, and express yourself most wholly. That is why our products exist. To serve you—all of you—everyday, no matter what.

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