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Sacred Smudging Tips &Tools

Updated: May 30

The energy of your space is important because you are important. Old energies can stagnate, become trapped, or accumulate negativity, so just as you would physically clean your space, it's important to energetically cleanse them as well. And while there is no one right way to do this, we’re excited to share two really beautiful ways you can clear and elevate the energy of your space in our new Liquid Smudge Toolkits.

Most spiritual traditions use some type of incense or smoke to purify and uplift their environment because smoke is a really effective way to commune with the element of air and quickly infuse a space with the spirit or energy of a particular plant.

The practice of burning sage is ancient, reverent and effective for cleansing all types of negativity. I love this practice. With negativity out of the way, sage can create a rejuvenation of spirit by removing the aspects of consciousness that we judge as “not good enough”.

In these toolkits we're thrilled to be able to share with you a special bundle of sage, which we harvested from Sacred Ground Ranch in Montana.

The second tool in the kit is a mini-bottle of Liquid Smudge Energy Clearing Spray. It’s been a bestseller since day one, and we’ve created a special mini-sized version for this toolkit, which makes it perfect for carrying in your purse, in the car, or for travelling—making it easy to clear and elevate the energy of your space on the go!

Liquid Smudge does not contain sage, rather it’s miraculous properties come from the Asphodel plant. The Asphodel flower was revered in ancient Greek mythology as a symbol of paradise, and I've learned its best use is for spiritual grounding so you can focus, pay attention—it brings you into the moment—where your life is happening!

Asphodel also has a spiritual clearing effect, meaning that it cleanses your environment of other people’s energies that can be confusing, scattered, or fearful, which can be a distraction from hearing your Divine guidance, also called your intuition, or instinctual guidance.

When you’re grounded your mind cannot spin off into anxiety, false beliefs, and misunderstandings. When you are grounded, you are ready to receive your Divine guidance, you are present, and experiencing your life as it occurs.

As much I Iove the practice of creating smoke for purification, dealing with ashes, and the scent of the smoke is not always practical, so I l appreciate having a spray as an option.

My favourite use is for our office; I can clear the energy of my space really quickly without fear of smoke setting off the sprinkler system! Spray your chair and around your desk to calm, clear and elevate.

Other stories I've heard are from people who love to use it after yoga practice to deepen their shavasana. One of my girlfriend's sprays the inside of her children’s shoes before they go to school, so that they’re grounded in their bodies and ready to pay attention!

You can also spray your bed down in a hotel room, so that you aren’t experiencing any residual energy from the previous guest—same goes for an airplane seat, bus seat, or any other shared space.

However you use either of these tools, I hope that they support you in all of your good!

Buy your toolkit here!

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