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If You're Not Smudging, Here's Why You Need to Start

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I have a girlfriend who owns an alternative healing clinic. One day over lunch she told me that she really needed something to help her practitioners energetically reset their treatment rooms between patients. 

​Lots of folks burn sage (or perform smudging ceremonies) to clean and clear negative energies, but the smell is not universally appealing. I love this practice, but when you're in a clinical setting, it's not always ok, plus you run the risk of triggering the buildings sprinkler system with the smoke!

​Ideally, she said, I'd have something that combines the clearing and elevating of sage, with something that can ground and centre, but doesn't burn.

Clear and focused, yet grounded and elevated at the same time, and in a way that can easily fit into every day life. It was a bit of challenge, I’ll admit—sort of like striking that perfect balance of dressed, but not over dressed, in an I-just-threw-this-outfit-on-and-still-look-spectacular kind of way. 

Well, we nailed it! It was one of our very first Sacred Room Sprays, and it's all thanks to a ‘secret’ botanical essence (keep reading, and I’ll tell you all about it—cause I’m terrible at keeping secrets) that feels like the little black dress. Appropriate for all occasions, makes you feel great, and so basic you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. We call it Here & Now #2 Liquid Smudge.

The best use of this spray is wherever you want to clear or elevate energy—and where wouldn’t you want to do that?

There are so many ways to use this spray, and the stories we hear about how people use it are wonderful—even if you aren’t working in an alternative healing clinic. My favourite use is for our office. Spray your chair and around your desk to calm, clear and elevate. One of my girlfriend's sprays the inside of her children’s shoes before they go to school, so that they’re grounded in their bodies and ready to pay attention!

Spray yourself after yoga practice to deepen your savasana. Spray your bed down in a hotel room, so that you aren’t experiencing any residual energy from the previous guest—same goes for an airplane seat, bus seat, or any other shared spaces. 

​Oh, and by the way, it smells lovely, so people will thank you for that too. Feel good, and smell good—why not?!

As promised, I’m going to tell you the secret ingredient: Asphodel flower. My love and reverence for this amazing flower inspired and entire series of products! (Each of the Here & Now sprays contains a base of extract from asphodel).

Revered in ancient Greek mythology as a symbol of paradise, I've found its best use is for spiritual grounding. And that’s why I wanted to make this spray—to help you ground into your life!

Grounding is so important because if you aren’t grounded you’re going to miss out on your life and your Divine guidance! When you’re grounded you can focus, pay attention, and you’re here in the moment. You’re able to listen and receive your life.

Being grounded keeps you in the situation moment to moment, where your life is happening. When you are grounded your mind cannot spin off into anxiety, false beliefs, and misunderstandings. When you are grounded, you are present, and experiencing you life as it occurs.

The amazing asphodel flower does all of this so beautifully because it has a spiritual clearing effect to cleanse your environment of other peoples energies. Often times confusion, scattered energy, and fearful emotions can be a distraction from hearing your Divine guidance. When you are grounded, you are ready to receive your Divine guidance, also called your intuition, or instinctual guidance. With the Here & Now Sacred Room Sprays you have a clean slate to ground more easily. In other words, asphodel helps you to be right here, right now—what a beautiful gift!

Each of the different blends are created to bring about a certain stream of clarity. Each formulation, uses special botanicals to further enhance and encourage mental, emotional, and intuitive clarity so you can not only be grounded in your life, but confident in your decisions, and clear on your path. I hope you enjoy every single moment!



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