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The Spiritual Properties of Comfrey—The Plant of Eden

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is one of the original plants, which has been on the Earth since ancient times. It has travelled from the east to the west, back and forth many times.

Comfrey is called the plant of Eden because of its power to overcome difficulties.

It’s used in traditional medicine—considered a supreme healer— it was used to support the respiratory system and to ease the healing of broken bones.

Comfrey is kind of a funny looking plant— it doesn’t look like it comes from here. It doesn’t make any sense. It has these little bitty flowers, and great big leaves—it looks like a trumpet sounding life!

On the energetic level it is the thing that connects heaven and earth within you because it creates, or in some cases re-establishes, the spinning vortices in every single chakra in your physical body and throughout your entire energetic field.

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