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The Spiritual Properties of Begonia—Your Fresh Start

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Everyone loves begonia, right? The reason why is because begonia (Begoniaceae spp.) is about hope of life. It's the reminder that no matter how bad something is, no matter how sad it is, life is always right there, renewing itself along with you. It's a reminder that there's always an opportunity to start over.

Begonia is about starting over—starting afresh, starting anew, starting with new hope, new opportunities, a fresh start. It really would be the perfect flower for a wedding bouquet!

Begonia when it is prepared for personal use, can give an individual the strength to stand on their own two feet. It gives them an inner strength, and an emotional inner strength to really strengthens the emotional body—almost to the extent that it's super human! That doesn't mean the emotional body gets to the point where it doesn’t care, but it’s ability to truly become the energy of fortitude is quite amazing.

Begonia can also be very helpful for individuals that just can’t get motivated! Or it's really excellent is when people just feel off. You know, when you just don't know what's wrong, but something just doesn’t feel right? Begonia is a wonderful one to bring a person back into their body with with a sense of safety.

If you love the sound of begonia and you want to give it a try, check out our custom formulation #11 which contains preparations made from begonia.

You've probably noticed that my favourite thing in life is to talk about, write about, learn about, and share information about the spiritual properties of plants! Where do I get my information? Good question! Click here to learn more.

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