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The Most Obscure Candle Ingredient Ever?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Lebbeck. A plant you've probably never heard of, and I’ll admit, a rather strange choice include in a candle.

Lebbeck is a tree, and sometimes used in Traditional medicines that come from India. It doesn’t have much of a smell, nor is it particularly beautiful. So why did I search for two years to find it, and spend another eighteen months preparing the oil just to put this unassuming, non-smelly plant into a candle? Simple: because Lebbeck is a blessing oil—and its job is to bring good into your life. I figured who doesn’t need more good in their life!

Lebbeck Tree (Albizia lebbeck)

What’s a blessing oil? I will share with you what was taught to me directly. Below are the words of my teacher—everything she told me about the blessing oil of Lebbeck. When you get to the end you’ll understand why I am so excited to be able to finally share this amazing plant with you in our newest candle.

“Lebbeck creates an extreme blessing oil. When you look up ‘blessing’ in your dictionary you will find a very simple definition, but blessings are very powerful. The true definition of blessing is the acknowledgement of the Divinity within yourself and within others, and a recognition of the right to receive miracles When a person asks to be blessed, they are asking to receive all of their miracles.
Blessings are a powerful thing. For example, when someone sneezes you often say, ‘bless you’. Why do you say this? You don’t understand it isn’t a simple statement. It’s a directive that says, ‘you will heal’.
This oil is so powerful, so extreme in its ability to bless that it dissolves the shame and guilt around asking for blessing, or even the right to receive them. People will find that when this oil is prepared for them that everything they were worried about, afraid of, holding on, and even their shadow can be dissolved. This is what is meant by the extreme power of blessings”

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