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The Spiritual Properties of Columbine—Your GPS System for Navigating Life

Every plant has an energetic message or vibration that resonates with your energetic field. You've heard the phrase 'everything is energy'? Well, plants are energy and they communicate very effectively with us. We like to say, every plant has a voice. And you can hear that voice whether you know it or not! Not sure what I mean? Find out more here.

So, what on earth are the beautiful Columbine flowers trying to tell us?

Well, each species of Columbine is going to be slightly different, and since this plant hybridizes with other species of Columbine quite often it can be a bit tricky to tell exactly what type of Columbine you're looking at. So to make it easy, I'm going to talk about the general spiritual properties of all Columbine flowers.

The spiritual reason for Columbine is that is gives you self-assuredness in the choices you're making. It allows you to trust yourself that you're following your own direction, your own guidance, and that you're headed in the right direction. It's like an internal GPS device for navigating life!

This can encourage so much assuredness that even when the way cannot be seen there is a confidence within you that grows and tells you you're either going in the right direction, or you will be shown the right direction.

It also strengthens your inner confidence as opposed to self-esteem. Inner confidence listens to your inner voice, creating inward confidence. This is that feeling when you just know what you know.

I think it's beautiful to use in a bridal bouquet because its message is about grounding with assuredness in the relationship to start off on the right foot.

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