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The Hidden Spiritual Properties of the 12 Most Commonly Used Essential Oils

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

At some point, when I wasn’t paying attention plant chemistry became cool.

You’ve noticed this too, right? If you’ve ordered a turmeric latte, considered a lavender sleep mask, or hunted for eucalyptus oil for your ceramic diffuser then welcome to the club!

As more and more research is being done to understand our plant buddies and how their chemistry affects our chemistry, there will be more unpronounceable herbs being added to you drinks for romantic sounding effects. I’m here for it, and I LOVE it. Call anytime to chat about adatptogenic ashwaganda.

The real miracle of plants though (aside from their fascinating molecules) are their spiritual, vibrational elements. Yes, there’s more to plants than just their chemistry, and this is the bit that everyone wants to know more about; the 'hidden spiritual aspects of plants'. It's not so much that the information is secret, but instead it's treated as special—as a way of honouring the plants.

In that spirit I'm sharing the more about the spiritual properties of twelve of the most common plants you'll find in the essential oil biz. Because when you are amazed by these plants, you'll be amazed by all of life (including yours!).

Quick reminder: when we consider the spiritual aspects of herbalism, the way a plant is grown, how it’s harvested, which portion we use and how it’s prepared are all super important in supporting it’s vibrational qualities, but this list will give you a really good start to using plants as a support system for the deeper aspects of you!

Orange: the spiritual properties of orange can renew your sense of celebrating life. It smooths the path for accepting changes in life, raise your energetic vibration and increase your magnetism for joy in every moment.

Bergamot: is considered the royal oil. Its spiritual properties remind you that you’re in the right place at the right time, you’re always in your perfect moment. Can you imagine royalty that doesn’t believe they are in their ‘rightful place’? This is not about arrogance, but it is a reminder that you are in the one and only authority in your life. It reminds you of your free will and enhances your discernment, intuition and brings confidence to your decision making.

Chamomile: There are a few different species of chamomile that are made into essential oils, which you will encounter. Let’s talk about Roman chamomile because it is the most common. Its spiritual properties are to reconnect you to the knowingness that happiness resides within yourself. It helps you to look beyond this day, to look beyond trouble and the carry on with faith and courage. It is one of the most prolific prairie flowers in North America—isn’t that perfect?

Peppermint: is an amazing oil for opening your consciousness, connecting to a sense of well-being, safety and the discernment to be in the present moment.

Lemon: spiritually supports courage on all levels. It takes courage to know who you are and to step forth into the light of your being. When you stand in your light, there are no limitations in your life.

Tea Tree: Spiritually connects to strength and resiliency.

Lavender: spiritually, the subtle energies of lavender are about bringing forth the truth of your own light. This breaks through the barriers of being burdened down by life.

Eucalyptus: There are many species of eucalyptus that are used for essential oils and each have specific spiritual properties and uses, but overall eucalyptus allows you to know what other people want. It builds the ability for understanding subconscious communication within yourself and others. Most parents are able to communicate with their children on this level. It’s the instinct, intuition or knowingness that comes in to let you know what’s going on with another person. Eucalyptus oil is often used to clear up the sinuses but it also clears the head. You feel much more awake after smelling eucalyptus oil because it is waking up the greater part of your mind that is communicates mostly on an intuitive level.

Rose: The spiritual properties of rose are vast depending on the species, but the most precious of rose found in an essential oil is rose otto. It takes sixty roses to create one drop of steam distilled essential oil! Spiritually to brings forward the memories of being connected to the totality of spirit.

Neroli: on a spiritual level, neroli is precious because it sings to the song of your soul. It gives the message that you’re alive and here “on purpose”. Your existence is not a mistake. It reminds your emotional body that your thoughts and feelings are important. It helps you to navigate the world without being overwhelmed by other people’s thoughts are feelings.

Frankincense: The spiritual properties of frankincense are very powerful. You open up to divine communication, you open up to divine opportunities, and you see your miracles. Painful things cannot penetrate your field of energy. It allows you to be calm, centred and grounded at all times, which brings you into the present moment and the Divine power within you.

Jasmine: Spiritually it has countless benefits to the mind, emotions, and spirit for its unique ability to expand consciousness, and connection to your own spirit.

Illustrations by Shaw Kinjo

Information from Kandis Twa

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