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The Spiritual Messages of Plants—Where Do I Get My Info?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

“Nothing that I say is presented by me as Truth! I am merely disclosing my current truth…I share my knowledge, observations, and opinions based on my own experiences, punctuated what wisdom I have gathered” — James Green, Master Herbalist

One of my favourite things in life is to talk about, write about, learn about, and share information about the spiritual properties of plants. Where did I get this information? Good question!

For all of the plants we use in our products I endeavour to have a deep and meaningful relationship with each of them. The indigenous and shamanic people have as primary sources of information about the medicinal and spiritual attributes of a plant from the Creator. Thank you to these groups for teaching me this beautiful tradition for gathering primary knowledge. I can only imagine the confused look on my face on the first day a teacher told me to go and ‘talk with the plants?”! I had no idea what I was doing, I felt crazy, but it was the start of one of the most important relationships in my life. My relationship with plants!

The transfer of the information about the specific spiritual properties of plants into my custodianship was facilitated by Memra Yekara— I owe her eternal gratitude. Memra was a channeller who dedicated her life to bring through Archangel Haniel. She has been my greatest guide and teacher of this sacred wisdom. Without her assistance it would have taken me many lifetimes to gather the information that I am humbled and honoured to share with you.

Full disclosure: it was, and perhaps still is difficult for me to accept this methodology of gathering information. It’s certainly unconventional! Like many of you, I was brought up in the highly analytical paradigms of western culture. I have a Master’s degree in science, so statistics and pedagogical enquiry was, for me the well-worn path to truth and understanding, and I still use them because they are valuable.

Meditation, dialogue with plants, and channeled being were not familiar primary sources of information! Even though I was uncomfortable with it, today I share this information from these sources joyfully because at my core I feel the truth in each word.

Truth speaks for itself and to each individual. It surpasses the logical brain and enters that state of knowingness. Each person has this ability to discern truth, and in that spirit and with that intention I offer this information and these amazing products to you. May you find the solutions you are looking for. May grace be your guide. And my your own internal wisdom serve your discernment. Take from this information what works for you, and feel free to leave the rest, but remember the fact that you are reading these words is no accident! What you seek is seeking you.

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