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10ml Roll-On Bottle 


Why it’s so special: A little bit grounding and a whole lot comforting. You can think of this elixir formula like your own lighthouse for safely navigating through troubled waters.


What's in it: 

Cape Snowbush—helps one to navigate loss or traumatic transitions in life

Khella—Reminder from your spirit of your intrinsic worth and value

Begonia—A fresh start with the uplifting reminder that life is always renewing itself

Amber—Anchors into the enduring power of love

Lavender—Assistance to let go of any burdens



Custom Elixir Formula #11

Temporarily out of stock

Your custom elixir is packaged in an amber glass roll-on bottle with an organic jojoba oil base. Simply roll your formula onto the pulse points of your wrists, sides of your neck and over your heart area, or on the bottom of your feet before going to bed. 

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