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How the Vikings Used Birch to Conquer the World

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Once upon a time the Vikings ruled the world. They were brave, adventuresome and fearless. And they had a secret weapon. Their secret weapon was the birch tree.

The vikings were so successful in their time because they believed there was nothing in life to be afraid of. Even facing battle, they were’t afraid because they knew there was nothing in life, or even in death to fear because they knew they were eternal. No wonder they were such a force!

Without fear, you can literally conquer the world. How did the vikings come to such a powerful belief? The birch tree!

Beautiful birch is the spiritual messenger of the profound understanding that “There’s nothing in life to be afraid of. You are divinely supported in every moment”.

Birch was, and is, used in saunas throughout Scandinavia. People take the branches of the birch tree, dip them in water and then sort of tap the branches on their skin to cool off, and stimulate circulation to their skin. This practice is super effective for bringing toxins to the surface of skin so that they can be wicked away, but also the oils from the birch get into the skin, and the birch oil gives the message to the cells of the body that, “you are safe”. 

When you feel safe,  you come alive; allowing the body to renew, refresh and revive itself.

The message of the birch tree allows a person to realize they are no longer burdened by fears of what could happen, or what did happen—it’s the freedom to just live your life. You have all of the answers, solutions, resolutions and creativity that you’ll ever need.

The birch contributed to the Viking belief not to be afraid of anything in life.They used it in their saunas as a purification ritual for their bodies before going to war, before making big decisions, or embarking on a new path in life because they understood it made them feel powerful and invincible as a result. When you aren’t afraid of anything in life you can really live life to the fullest!

So this is the message of the birch tree, and while we don’t recommend that you go and sack a village, we know that the purity and loving vibrations of this oil will make you feel invigorated, rejuvenated, and invincible!

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