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Your Personal Inventory


Opening to Wholeness

When was the last time you took inventory? Not of the “things” you own, but of your attributes, wishes, desires and joy? Do you take time to jump off life’s conveyor belt of activities and routines to take inventory?


Taking personal inventory requires paying attention to our feelings - find a way to quiet the chattering-should-do mind and let our feelings speak from our heart and soul. This is a skill we can master to bring peace of mind and live life fully..


Pay attention to those nagging voices that boss you around…”Don’t do that, you will get hurt!” “You SHOULD have said blah, blah, blah!” “You’re not good enough” and here’s a common one “I’m not good at math”.


The combination of mind-chatter and living in those old  experiences create beliefs systems within us that create our perceptions and ultimately the reality that we call our lives. It can be like living in a bad B-movie.


Who’s voice is it when you hear, “You’re not good enough!” A teacher? A sibling” A parent? All of them? If we hear a message enough times - 50,000! - it turns into a belief - which in turn affects the way we make choices. Soon, we start living our life from a place of, “I’m not good enough”. We can take our imaginations to where that leads us…. Perfectionism (nothing is ever good enough); shopping addictions (I never have enough); workaholic and unhealthy competitiveness (I have to prove myself all the time), just to name a few. It can be really exhausting.


All of that form a belief about yourself, that may not be and probably isn’t even true - a false belief.


The good news is that we can unwind that belief and change it. Taking the time to do a personal inventory can help us assist in discerning false from truth. Then, the work to changing can begin.


The first step is to be aware of that voice, stop the conveyor belt, acknowledge the chatter, then listen and connect deeply to your heart and soul to your own true voice, your authentic-self, your truth.


Put together your personal toolbox - it may include a journal, talking to a friend, finding a spiritual mentor, meditation, a hot bath, or watching a feel-good movie and eating ice cream.


Elixirs for Life has been instrumental in developing products to support your journey. Did you realize that our ONE Soap is designed to assist in dissolving childhood trauma? Or that Liquid Smudge not only clears the energy in your space, but used on the bottom of your feet can help you clear the day and ground you to help you feel settled after a hectic day?


Our team at Elixirs for Life continues to grow and evolve. As we do, we will be offering more tools to assist you to open to wholeness.


We will be gradually changing and expanding. You will see our name include…Opening to Wholeness; which of course will continue to include the amazing Elixirs for Life products.


Our goal is to assist you on your life’s journey; in other words, to help you open to your wholeness. If you have ideas or need something specific, please contact us, we would love to help.



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