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How To Make the Energy of Your Space Feel Good So You Can Feel Good

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

I have no doubt that your home is clean, but have you ever considered how clear the energy of your space is? It doesn’t matter how tidy the furniture is, or how clean the floors are if the energy in a space feels heavy, slow, negative or rigid. The energy of your space is important because you’re important, so it’s handy to know what plants can help you feel good no matter where you are!


Popular and well-known, sage is like the 'all-purpose cleaning spray' that cleanses all negativity. You can burn it as an incense to raises the energies of your space, and it also has the special ability to rejuvenate the spirit. Its spiritual properties reinforce and accelerate the flow of love throughout your entire energetic system. Extended use of sage can create a foundation for achieving your highest potential in one lifetime because it removes any part of you that would say you’re not good enough.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a popular wood and resin used as an incense. It is not as cleansing as sage, but it has the ability to close the door and creates a lovely cocoon of energy around you. It’s a great choice for setting up a quiet, powerful, and safe atmosphere for meditation. It moves stagnant energy and clears the way. It gets rid of the cobwebs so-to-speak because it has an energy of moving on and moving forward, even when there appears to be no road or no way to move forward—Palo Santo finds a way.


Whereas sage and Palo Santo are about cleansing and clearing, sweetgrass sends the message ‘this space is important’. In the same way a cross on the top of a building signifies a church, Sweetgrass reinforces and aligns a space, or moment into sacredness. Sacredness means worth of honour and respect, and the spiritual properties of sweetgrass can help an individual to maintain sacred boundaries. These are boundaries that are aligned to the sacredness within themselves and in all things. Sweetgrass carries the message that everything, including oneself is to be honoured, respected and treated with dignity.


Lavender is like energetic Febreeze, but not only does it freshen the air, it freshens the energy of your space. Lavender helps to energetically release the burdens of life, stresses, worry, fear, and anxiety. It lifts and eliminates heavy, ridged and negative energies. When this energy is dissolved you can feel that there is a freedom to life that is creative, responsive and enthusiastic.


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