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Floral Smudge Sticks: How to Make Them and Why You Won't Want to Live Without Them

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

You’ve likely seen sage bundles, and even sweetgrass braids? Many of you love our Liquid Smudge, and last year we took things a step further by making gorgeous floral smudge sticks! Just like sage or sweetgrass are bundled and then burned for their amazing purifying, and elevating energies you can bundle together other high vibration flowers and herbs to create your own customized floral smudge sticks!

Last year we had so much fun running these workshops that I wanted to share the process of how to create these gorgeous little bundles for those of yourself. Its super easy, and I know you’ll have fun with it. Plus, you'll never look at a flower the same way again!

What You'll Need:

  • Fresh flowers

  • Fresh herbs

  • Cotton string (not hemp string)

  • Scissors

The first step is to gather together the flowers and herbs you’d like to use. Here are some that I like to use, and that are fairly easy to find. If you are gathering any plants from their wild places, you *MUST* receive permission, not only from the plants, but from the landowners as well.

  • Mint: opens your consciousness to new and greater information

  • Basil: Re-balances the internal fire and chi of life

  • Dill: Allow you to connect to the flow of creativity.

  • Sage*: Rejuvenates the spirit and sets the foundation for you to achieve the highest good in your life.

  • Lavender: Breaks through the barriers of being burdened down by life

  • Chrysanthemum: Resonates with natural vitality and strength and is a powerful flower for healing the soul and spirit.

  • Rose: Reminder of being in the totality of spirit.

  • Juniper: Opens the door to truly experience the power of love

  • Fir: Connects you into your natural power to receive—prosperity consciousness.

  • Sweetgrass: Helps to maintain sacred boundaries within yourself and your world.

After you’ve gathered your plant material the next step is the most important: you are dealing with another life—these plants are part of life. When you honour them by saying a little blessing it will dramatically increase the energy and spiritual potency of their properties.

Sage, sweetgrass and countless of other plants have been used since time immemorial to shift and increase energetic vibrations in ceremony, medicine and blessings but they were AWAYS honoured and therefore potentiated to do their beautiful jobs! So, don’t forget this step. There are no magical words, just get into a grateful, receptive state of mind, and simply say a profound thank you.

All plants have a message that speak to our bodies through EM resonance and affect our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves. You can choose your bundle based on the information I’ve provided above, or you can choose intuitively from the list. Hold each plant in your left hand, take a deep breath, close your eyes and notice what you notice in your body. Go with what feels good!

The next step is to gather your bundle together from the plants you have chosen. You are going to gather together a bundle that is about 2” in diameter (any larger and the bundle won’t dry properly). Holding your bundle firmly take a long piece of your string and tie the bottom of the bundle leaving a fairly long tail. Wrap the bundle in a diagonal pattern wrapping the string towards the top of the bundle. When you reach the top reverse directions, creating an x pattern as you wind the string back over itself. When you’ve wrapped the entire bundle tie the end of the string to the tail of your initial knot.

What to do with your little bundle? Once the bundle has dried, you can use it as a ‘smudging’ bundle burning it to allow the high vibration smoke to cleanse and clear your space. More on using burning plants to clear energies here. Another use that I love is to pop the entire bundle into a hot bath. The oils and vibrations of the plants will infuse your bathwater with uplifting and harmonizing energy.


*We use a specific species of sage in one of our products, Sacred Vision. This sage is harvested with permission alongside women who sing traditional songs and make ceremonial offerings to the plants as an expression of gratitude. Proceeds from this beautiful product are shared with Sacred Ground Ranch in recognition and acknowledgement of the plant wisdom from the Native culture.


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