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15 mL roll-on bottle of graceful cinquefoil wildflower oil.


This tiny flower is a big helper! It's a supportive tool for anyone going through the "dark night of the soul'.


The dark night of the soul is described as "lenghty and prolonged absence of light and hope". It sounds like a daunting place to be but it can be a common part of a person's spiritual evolution. There is a great article from Graham Ledgerwood about the dark night of the soul here.


The cinquefoil can open you up to hopefulness that with continued use  turns into knowingness. 


It allows you to open up to a greater vision of  life, and to relax into the opportunities that are being offered to you. It helps you to broaden your thinking, and therefore broaden your world.


Apply daily to the area over the heart and the bottom of the feet.


More about our harvesting practices here.


More about how plants can shift your vibration here


Graceful Cinquefoil Wildflower Elixir

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jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis), wildcrafted graceful cinquefoil leaf and flower (potentilla gracilis).

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