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2 Powerful Plants For Taking Care of Your Sacred Spaces

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Your home, your workspace, your car. You probably spend the majority of your time in these three spaces, so making sure the energy of those spaces is clean, clear and pristine will help you feel grounded, connected and clear. Just as you would physically clean these spaces, it's important to energetically cleanse them as well. Old energies can stagnate, become trapped, or accumulate negativity. The energy of your space is important because you are important.

Most spiritual traditions use some type of incense or smoke to purify and uplift their environment. I love this practice. Smoke is a really effective way to commune with the element of air and quickly infuse a space with the spirit or energy of a particular plant. But, which plant, or resin, or flower to choose? Here are my two favourite (other than sage, not because I don't love sage, I do! It's just I feel sage deserves it's own topic...for another time)

Frankincense (Boswellia spp.):

Yes! You can burn it if you can get the resin. The resin is gathered as it bleeds from the bark of these great trees. The best (energetically) comes from harvesters who say prayers for the trees as they are go about their work. This tree is so remarkable. Even from the time it is a young tree is has the most amazing scent. There are several different species of Frankincense, each with unique energetic properties, but the overall message of this amazing tree is about creating a very beautiful and tight woven energy around you. It cocoons you in this protective energy so that you cannot take in the pain of the outside world. It allows you to be calm, centered and grounded. It assists you to come out of fear, and open to Divine communication and opportunities. It allows you to open up to the miracles that are awaiting you in your life!

How to use it: As loose incense, stick incense, or in a candle.


What I'm talking about is the fossilized resin. There are other combinations of incense that are called amber, and they're gorgeous, but for now I'm talking about the tree resin.

Amber is carries the vibration and power of love. It's not a love potion :) because when I say 'love', I don't mean affection. This is the power of love that is the current of everything in Divine creation. Love is the ever-renewing source, it is the remembrance that you are a creation, and not created. You are ever-flowing, ever-renewing, and ever-increasing in your life. Amber opens you up to love, it dissolves fear, and brings you back into the remembrance that you are well loved!

How to use it: As a loose incense, stick incense, or in a candle.


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