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Custom Elixirs—How A Parisienne Nose Changed Everything!

Updated: May 16

On a trip to Paris several years ago I had the opportunity to learn all about the profession of being a nose (yes, that’s what they call them!).

Noses train for years in the art of perfumery, and are able to combine notes based on the scent profile of different plants into the most glorious and celebrated perfumes in the world. There are a few very lucky and exclusive customers who work one-on-one with a nose to create a custom perfume made just for them! Can you imagine the luxury? Specific perfume notes selected just for you based on your preferences, persona and all balanced and perfectly blended just for you!

I long dreamed of being able to combine the spiritual properties of our plant elixirs in the same way the famous Parisienne noses would combine the olfactory properties of plants into custom perfumes. Oh, and I’d also like to have their access to infinite fields of lavender and roses too please!

That trip to Paris and the inspiration from the noses stuck with me. I knew I could combine plants into elixirs in a customized way that wasn’t about how it made you smell, but how it makes you feel!

So I started small (is there any other way when you’re adventuring in uncharted territory?), working one-on-one with people who knew me, or knew about our research and understood the support that specific plant elixirs could provide to each of us on mental, emotional and spiritual level.

We’d sit over a cup of tea and chat about what areas of life they’d feel they could use some support with and I’d scroll through the mountains of notes I have on over 1600 different plant species. I was always amazed that no matter how specific people were with their requests there were several plants available to provide a perfect solution!

I LOVE this process and everyone that received their custom elixir blend loved it too—perfect individual support direct from the loving arms of Mother Nature.

There was a problem though. This process took TIME! You can imagine 1600 plants is a lot for to wade through for every single person. There’s time tinkering too, to make sure the balance of combinations is correct; that plants grown correctly and harvested and prepared correctly are available (usually we do this ourselves); and to be honest all of this can be really expensive.

So my dream grew. In Paris the best noses work only with a VERY small group of fabulously wealthy clients. So time and expenses aren’t really a problem. But I wondered if we could be different. I mean, what’s the point of having all of this incredible information about how plants can help us in real ways, in real life if it can only be practically available to a few people. That’s an old model, and frankly not one I get too excited about.

Now my dream was custom elixir blends available for EVERYONE, ANYWHERE, in a way that is easily affordable. That’s much more exciting!

So I got started with no idea about how to get where I wanted to go, but I stared anyways. (Ahhh, ignorant bliss!) There were long nights with a calculator and a spreadsheet, meetings with web professionals, sheets of paper with permutation calculations (yes, those statistics classes did pay off!), and lots of willing friends and clients who graciously gave me feedback and encouragement!

And we did it!

We actually did it! We created a simple way for you to get your own custom elixir blend, to support you in whatever you’re going through, and created just for you from our entire library of over 1600 plant species! Oh and most importantly it’s all online—so you can access this information from anywhere at anytime.


Here’s how it works (I’ll spare you the info about the gigs and reels that grind away in the background). You simply choose from a menu of different aspects of life you’d like a little support with, make your selection et viola! Your custom blend gets created in an instant. Perfectly balanced, perfectly blended and containing the specific combination of plant extracts to support you at this exact time in your life.

I am so happy with how well this works, how easy it is for you to use and how much fun it is to see each person line up with the EXACT elixir created just for them!

It’s all the best parts of the custom Parisienne perfume experience! But instead of a lovely perfume that’s all about how it makes you smell, you get a custom elixir that’s all about how it makes you feel! Plus you don’t need to be a fabulously wealthy lady with a tiny dog and oodles of time to spend (no shade by the way if those are your ambitions—I have similar aspirations!). These are custom elixir blends for everyone!

Each blend comes in a 10mL amber roll-on bottle that you simply apply to your skin at the wrists, heart area and sides of your neck (pulse points), or to the bottom of your feet before bed. Your custom elixir blend is now working to be your greatest solution of support and wellbeing!

Click here to get your perfect custom elixir blend now!

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