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Easing Grief—Three Plants That Can Help You Get Through it

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Grief touches us all. It’s simply part of the human experience. I don’t know why this is the case, and I won’t tell you that there’s a higher purpose to it, or even worse ‘that everything happens for a reason’ because that feels to difficult to hear. My only observation is that it happens and usually it feels hard a.f.

I wanted to share what I’ve learned about how plants can help us through these times.

This isn’t about avoiding grief, or finding a shortcut through it—I’m not sure that’s possible, but instead letting the gentle and loving voices of your soul shepherd you through it with some help from our buddies in the plant world.

The energetic messaging of certain plants connect you directly to your soul’s communication, and to the higher aspects of yourself that remind us of soothing eternal truths, which are a guiding light through some of life’s most challenging times.

You don’t need to buy these plants, or physically even have them around. Most are tricky to get, and even if you did have them there are complicated and specific process for actually using them physically.

Instead, I’ve given you their codes, which are the energetic vibrational frequency of the plant’s spiritual message. Your spirit understands this message because you are also made out of energic vibrations. You can say the code like a mantra, or try repeating it silently to yourself to see how it makes you feel.

Each “-“ represents a pause. A “,” represents a shorter pause. The pace you recite the numbers is up to you. I say each number at about the same pace I would walk down the street—reciting each number every time I take a step.

My sister used to say these numerical codes when she was ski touring. Saying each number silently to herself as she moved each ski, one in front of the other. She said it became like a moving meditation.

So, here’s a small offering of three plants, and their codes, along with a bit of information about each one (and of course, a big helping of love) in the hopes that it'll help if you’re going through the yucky, mucky, gut-wrenching wringer of grief.


Japanese Cypress

This is very good for a broken heart. When someone has been through great sadness, loss and even rejection it can be so very painful. It helps to mend a broken heart.

The vibration of the Japanese cypress allows an individual to remember that this too shall pass. There will be brighter days, this wound will heal. It reminds them of the sweet, tenderness of love.

It helps someone to hold onto the sweet tenderness of love because it speaks from their soul into their consciousness, reminding them always that there will be better days, there will be grander times and greater love. It helps an individual to see the gift of this loss when they cannot initially see it.

The code is: 11-11-14-14

Great Loss

Ice Cream Bean

This is for anyone that has lost someone or something very close to them. This could be the loss of a beloved pet, a family member or friend, or even your home.

It helps to bring you back into a sense that life is worth living. The understanding that even though this person or animal isn’t with you anymore, it doesn’t mean that life ends. It reaches into the greater truth of your soul and spirit which says, ‘Life really does go on. It will change but it doesn’t mean that it ends.’ It reminds you of this truth at such a deep level, and can flood into your emotions, helping you to understand the grace of their journey instead of it being an ending where you feel very lonely or even guilty about their loss.

The code is: 4-5-67-21-28

Sudden Loss

Cape Snowbush

These are the losses in life that kind of paralyze you at first. They are very sudden and permanent loss—you didn’t get to see the person to say goodbye.

It is interesting because hundreds of years ago this particular flower was dried and put into the little pouches for people that we’re making great voyages across the oceans—soldiers, slaves, prisoners, sailors, emigrants. Perhaps they would be returning, but likely they would not ever return home again. They would tuck this flower into their clothes, knowing their family member had done the same to say, ‘I’m gone, but don’t forget about me. We are still connected. I am still your family, and I still love you even though you may never see me again.’ It sends love across the airwaves.

The code is 38-23-17-66.

**As with all of the information I share, this is simply for your own general information. Grief is a hard thing, and and please understand I am not a grief counsellor or therapist. There are many wonderful health care professionals who are qualified to help. If you feel you are struggling with grief, please reach out to them—you deserve the best professional help available.


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