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Home is the New Everything—How to Set-Up Sacred Space for Work, Sleep and Relaxation

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Can we talk about the work-from-home situation right now? Let's be real,this is an everything-from-home situation right now, which makes carving out intentional spaces at home challenging AF. Everyone is home, everyone has a different schedule, needs etc.If you're like me, you're going to need some of your own space right now, whether it’s physically, mentally or emotionally to stay balanced and happy!

Here are my top tips for setting an intentional vibe in three different spaces in your home so that you can be productive, relaxed and centred.

Work Space

Here’s what’s working (and not working) for me in my new work-from-home space:

1. This sounds obvious, but assign a dedicated space for work. That means no working from the couch (I've tried it, I don't recommend it. Highly probability of day-wasted on Netflix and Downton Abbey re-runs...)

2. Your new desk is the perfect spot for a citrine crystal. Citrine balances out electromagnetic stress and stimulates mental focus and endurance. Even just a small piece makes a difference.Think of citrine as your new executive assistant, helping you get through the day (also, there aren't that many people to talk to, so a new crystal buddy can be delightful). More about how citrine works in your environment here

3. If you're feeling really distracted or easily sidetracked (yes, that's me with my hand raised talking to my citrine) this can be the result of our first three chakras being out of balance. The first three chakras are the most connected to day-to-day life and often need a bit of attention to get cleaned out and reactivated. I just found this six-minute chakra clearing guided meditation on YouTube if you need a starter.

4. Use our Mastermind Sacred Room spray for mental clarity. I spray it on my new “office” chair to keep me grounded and focused (yes—I'm using a lot). And it maintains creative, productive and focused energy in our home office, which I really appreciate because—IG, Netflix, IG, random google searches, Harry & Meghan...

Sleep Space

Maybe it was the most recent full moon, or lack of a normal schedule, but almost everyone I’ve talked to over the last couple of weeks has mentioned how hard its been to get a good nights sleep. Same—I get it. Feels like now is probably a good time to check that the energy in your bedroom is set up for sleep and relaxation:

1. Make sure your room is dark when you’re sleeping. I mean really dark. This is a game-changer people! The goal is that you wouldn’t be able to see your hand in front of your face once you’ve turned off the lights. Darkness has an incredibly positive effect on our body’s ability to relax and rejuvenate. There’s also some interesting research showing how important darkness is for balancing hormones as well. Black-out curtains are the new bedroom must-haves.

2. Invest in a diffuser or humidifier. Both can be super helpful with creating a space that helps your body to relax. In terms of diffuser oils, there are lots of really wonderful blends that you can order online. When in doubt you can’t go wrong with pure lavender oil for relaxation. Please just check that the oils you’re buying are pure essential oils and do NOT contain fragrance oils which can irritate your system while you are trying to sleep. More on choosing essential oils wisely here

3. Try playing music with a frequency of 528 Hz. I started playing this music a few months ago, and I found it really helps me have deeper and more restful sleeps. Sound healers feel that 528 Hz is a special frequency that helps the body to repair and replenish itself. You can find lots of 528 music online. I play it at a really low volume while I’m sleeping. I’ll leave it to you to do more research about 528 Hz (cause it’s a deep bunny hole of intrigue), but if you’d rather just try it. I’ll share my spotify play list here.

4. Although I never knew how helpful it could be for sleep, our Soulful Smile Sacred Room Spray for emotional clarity has been a huge hit as a pillow spray. I’ve had lots of people tell me how much it helps them to fall back asleep if they wake up in the middle of the night. That makes sense (528 Hz is still a bit of a mystery to me, but this I understand!). Soulful Smile is designed for emotional clarity. Feelings are energy, and they need to settle in order for us to sleep. We can’t block, repress, or run from our feelings, they need to be processed—in other words that energy needs to be allowed to pass through our bodies. Soulful Smile can assist that energy to move more harmoniously, so you fall back asleep. More tips on getting a good night’s sleep here

Sacred Space

I really believe that everyone needs some space, even if it’s just a corner of a room that’s your space of quitetude, and retreat. If you meditate there, great. If you just have a nook for reading that counts too. Here are a few ways I’ve found to keep your sacred space feeling tranquil.

1. The set-up matters. Here’s where you want to keep at least a few things that feel sacred or important to you. Some people call it setting up an altar, but whatever items you have that make you feel happy, introspective or inspired. Photos, feathers, books, prayer beads, whatever just gather them in one place. It’s important that you pick a place and keep it there because you’re creating matrix of energy around that space which helps you feel that sacred vibe when you’re in it.

2. Smudge, smudge, smudge. You can use, sage, sweetgrass, palo santo, incense (my favourite is Nag Champa—you can find it on Amazon—praise be!), whatever feels good to you. Burning these resins and plants will literally shift and raise the energy of you and your space.

3. Spend time in the space you’ve created. It doesn’t have to be long, but every minute you use your new space helps to anchor and ground the good vibes in your sacred space.

4. An amethyst or quartz crystal. They have very different effects, so if you want to really use each one to it maximum potential you can read more about that here.

5. Our Liquid Smudge and Clear Connection Sacred Room Sprays are both made for anchoring sacred energy in your space no matter where you are so that setting up or amping-up the good vibes in your sacred space can be even easier.

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All photos are by Stacey Deering. You can find out more about her on IG @stacey.deering


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