How to be More Intuitive: Turn Up the Volume on Your Inner Guidance and Make Awesome Choices

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

When you have your own mind under control, intuition will give you all of the knowledge of the world” —Yogi Bhajan

I'm a dog LOVER. I haven't quite crossed over into crazy dog lady territory, but given enough time I'm sure I'll get there (full disclosure: I have seriously considered a T-shirt with my puppers adorable little furry face on it). So you can imagine the scene that unfolded a couple of weeks ago when my husband and I got a call from a local rescue organization asking if we would adopt one of their puppies?

Yes. Start the car!!

Me with our beloved dog Abby. She LOVES it when I mash her face like this :)

We went immediately to meet the little guy, and of course he was adorable, our current dog loved him and it looked like everything was set for us to take him home. But, the weirdest thing was happening inside of me—I felt completely torn about the decision. I couldn't believe it. Part of me wanted to scoop up the teeny tiny fur baby and take him home, but another part of me was saying 'I just don't feel right about this'.

Intuition is our ability to hear information from our higher guidance in order that we can make our best decisions. The challenge is that often when we face big or difficult decisions voices other than our intuition start to chime in. Was my intuition urging me to adopt the puppy or telling me to take a hot minute and rethink it?