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What to do When the Spiritual Journey Feels Like a Drag

Updated: 3 days ago

I’ve read the fine print and it turns out that the spiritual journey, or even just everyday life for that matter, isn’t all dancing deer and butterflies. Shocking, right?

If you are alive and breathing today then you are on a spiritual journey because, as I’m sure you’ve heard, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. We’re all in this together!

When the journey gets hard, and you know it will, here are three things to remember:

1. Everyone has a right to their own journey.

In other words, you must allow others to make their own decisions without the reflective need to interfere, rescue or advise. As a recovering rescuer I know how hard this can be. Of course, if someone’s life is at risk, or you health and well-being are concerned then that’s and entirely different situation. But if you find yourself worrying about your friends husband that you don’t like, her lunch choices, nail colour or taste in shoes, remember: it’s not your journey. Remembering this has the added bonus of taking the pressure off you to ensure the happiness of everyone around you. (Spoiler: it not possible)

2. Whatever challenge, decision or problem you are facing your answers are as close as your next breath.

Take a moment and listen to that tiny small voice inside that is always guiding you. You are connected to it through your breath. That voice is your intuition and when you listen you’ll find your answers. Your intuition never nags, runs you down, or tries to convince you. It simple comes in a with some gentle guidance and then becomes silent. That nattering voice? Not your intuition and higher guidance. Want even more information about how to be more intuitive? See "How to be More Intuitive"

3. God/The Universe doesn’t create junk.

That includes you. You are a perfect soul having a human experience, which means there will inevitably be ups and downs. Or as my favourite Jeff Bridges character The Dude says about life, “Strikes and gutters, man. Strikes and gutters". Just remember: your existence is on this planet is not an accident; you are here on purpose and for purpose, and that this too shall pass.


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