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Five Plants You Already Have in Your Home to Help You Through This Unusual Time

Updated: May 16

What would you think if I told you that there are five plants that could help you in your everyday life right now, AND you probably already have them lying around your house! Amazing, right?

You’ve heard me talk about the spiritual properties of plants, and before I get into the specI fix properties of these five ubiquitous plants, I can hear you asking, ‘but how does this work?’ ‘I’ve used some of these plants before but I don’t seem to notice a difference. How can something so simple be effective?’

Here’s how it works. You are a system of energy—not just a physical body. Plants are also a system of energy. Each plant species has a specific encoding or vibrational frequency—you can think of this as it’s voice, or the message that it’s sending. You, as a system of energy can receive and understand this message because you’re made of the same stuff. You speak the same language.

Why can’t you notice what the plant is doing for you? Well, some of you can and do depending on your level of sensitivity (which anyone can develop by the way, see Connecting with Nature on a Deeper Level). But if you don’t feel anything, that’s ok—it just means you’re learning a new skill! Try thinking of it this way: when you first start exercising, let’s say you take up running, can you notice after that first run if this exercise is making a difference? Do you feel stronger? Do you feel your cardiovascular system starting to change, or the fibers of your heart starting to get stronger? Probably not. You may not feel any different for a long time, until one day you go for a run and POW, you feel different. Now you notice how different you feel in your everyday life! Stairs are easier, getting out of bed is easier. Now, you’re noticing the difference!

Working with plant energies is the same. At first you may not notice any difference. Remember, these are subtle energies, but like exercise, they can have a powerful effect. If you're feeling like you want to know even more, click here for a more science-based explanation.

Ok, one more thing that is really important to remember is that the quality of the plant you’re working with is really, super, vitally important. Underlined and highlighted! What do I mean by quality? Does that mean organic? Organic is important, but more so when you are evaluating a plant for its nutritional or medicinal purposes. You want high quality energetic plants. A plant can be organic, but have the same energetic quality as decades old sawdust! You need to pump up the jam on the energetic vibes of these plants, or truthfully they’re not going to do too much for you. How do you do this? Lots of ways! If you have reiki, reiki them. Say a prayer over them. Ask spirit or the universe to imbue these plants with the highest sustainable vibrations that are harmonized with you. You can imagine rainbow light is flowing from your hands into your plants. There’s lots of ways, but the good news is that YOU can improve the vibrational quality of any plant.

All of the plants we use in our products get the full spa-treatment for increasing their energetic vibrations (some increase their vibrations over a thousand times!). We take this important step so every product goes out into the world doing the maximum good for everyone who receives them!

Ok, now onto the spiritual properties of five plants that I can (almost) guarantee you already have at home so you can get started today!

Chamomile: I’m going out on an limb and guess that you have this in your pantry in some kind of tea or tea blend. It feels ubiquitous in teas, so even if you don’t have it, you can EASILY find it. Here’s why you’ll love it. Spirtually it has the ability to bring you back to a calm and peaceful nature. You can see why it’s in so many bedtime tea blends, because it can lift your spirits, allowing you to look beyond this day, beyond trouble and to carry on with faith and courage.

Apple: Hot tip! Look for apples in the grocery store or farmer’s market that still have their stem attached. Energetically you will have a stronger apple if the stem is still attached. As long as the stem is attached (and even better if the leaf is attached) it will maintain its life force energy way better. Apples have a cooling effect on the body that balances the chi and fire within the body begins to calm down. When a person is overheated they’re angry, quick to action without thought and not using their discernment very well, their emotions and thinking are out of balance. Apples are really miraculous because they are perfectly balanced to the energy of a human body; calming and stabilizing your vibrational and emotional energies. The old saying was right, ‘an apple a day…’ Do it ;)

Ginger: Ginger carries a very high light, so no wonder it’s used so often in traditional medicines to keep the body healthy and the immune system strong. It balances your internal fire and raises your chi energy. There is an old Ayurvedic remedy that uses ginger juice to help the body reset and balance what it needs. The recipe is here, which includes the one special extra step you need to take to make the juice really effective.

Lemon: Now, there are several different types of lemons, some of which are easier to get your hands on than others, but generally speaking lemons are all about courage. Courage and the uplifting feelings that you’re supported in every aspect of your life. Yes please! This one is easiest to get into your life. The juice works beautifully. Use it, love it, send me feedback!

Cocoa: If you want to take this as a sign from the universe that you should be eating more chocolate, I’m ok with it. Small caveat: the energy will be higher if you’re not consuming sugar at the same time (so maybe opt for the cocoa nibs, or a really dark chocolate). Cocoa pulls cosmic energy into your system, so much so that it can allow a person to tap into and even live from the energy of their higher self. No wonder chocolate can make you ‘feel high’. All of that cosmic light helps you to feel grounded and able to focus. We are all exposed to cosmic light at night, but ambient light, and EM pollution can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb that energy. So get yourself some really good blackout curtains and a nice cup of hot chocolate!

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Now, disclaimer: please understand that I’m not a doctor, and none of this info should replace advice from your wonderful medical professional. If you feel that you are struggling with any kind of physical ailment please get in touch with your qualified GP.



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