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Peonies—Their Spiritual Properties and Why We’re So Obsessed with Them

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

My obsession with peonies is no secret and a quick glance around social media tells me, I’m not alone! When we started our research into documenting the spiritual properties of plants and herbs, I could hardly wait to dive into peonies—I had to know what makes them so dang irresistible!

I knew that various species of peony have been used for over 1200 years by doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine—prescribing the root for its cooling effects, or as a tonic to “replenish the vital substances of the body and strengthen the visceral organs”*. From my experience I understood that plants and herbs that were well-used friends in traditional medicines usually had incredible spiritual and emotional properties—the only difference is that the part of the plant that has the highest vibration and greatest potential for creating a shift on the spiritual level is almost always different than that portion of the plant that is typically consumed for its medicinal value—wonders never cease!

We covered four species of peonies in our research, but I wanted to share one of my favourites with you.

It’s the wild peony (Paeonia californica) She’s a little peony that grows in the southwest of the United States. Can you imagine walking along a trail in that part of the world and seeing peonies blossoming in the wild! I would turn myself inside out with joy, buy a tent and live there for the duration of the blossoming season!

The spiritual properties of this little baby are about teaching us how to receive. Why is receiving important? Because it’s vital to your life—absolutely vital. Usually we’re pretty comfortable with the giving side of things, but allowing yourself to receive graciously and fully is so important. Can you accept a compliment? How about accepting help from a friend? If you get an unexpected gift, do you feel like you need to immediately reciprocate, or can you really receive the gift with a generous heart? That is the power to receive.

Now there is an idea that you should only take what you need. That’s taking. That’s not receiving. You receive your needs, but you don’t realize how very great your needs actually are!

You need to have financial flow. You need to have a quality of life. You need to consume superior food. You need friends. You need security. You need safety. You might even need a yacht on the ocean, or your own airplane. Why not? So the need to share is a great need, but how can you share if your supply is too low? You can’t. This is why giving AND receiving go hand in hand—they’re the backbone of healthy emotional flow, and I love that these obsession-worthy peonies are so wonderful at establishing those energies inside us.

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